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Sinfonia Rehearsals 2017

All rehearsals are in Room 116 in the Square Edge Creative Arts Centre unless otherwise indicated.

For rehearsal dates and times see the detailed schedules below.


Second Schedule: 11th June - 13th August 2017

Directed by: Andrew Atkins

Thursday rehearsals are 7.30pm-9.30pm, Sundays 2pm-5pm.

June: 11, 18, 22, 25
Jul: 23, 30
Aug: 3, 6, 10

CONCERT: Sunday Aug 13th 2.30 Speirs Centre

Pre-concert rehearsal: 1pm


Third Schedule: 2017

Directed by: Donald Armstrong

The Sunday (and Saturday) rehearsals are 2pm-5pm
The Thursdays are 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Sept 17 Su, 24 Su
Oct 1 Su, 5 Th, 12 Th, 15 Su, 19 Th, 29 Su,
Nov 2 Th, 12 Su, 18 Sa

CONCERT: Sunday Nov 19th 2.30 Speirs Centre 

Pre-concert call: 1pm



Eva & Elsie Laing Fund

This fund is administered by the Manawatu Youth Orchestra Inc. It provides grants up to a maximum of $100 per annum to players from the Manawatu Sinfonia or Manawatu Youth Orchestra to attend music courses outside Palmerston North or to assist with advanced tuition which is unavailable locally.

Application Forms are available from the Secretary - use the 'Contact Us' Form on this website or download here

2015 Sponsors

ECCT community trust        Pub charity    
Milverton Trust
Performance Trust



2016 Sponsors


          Evelyn Rawlins Arts Trust 

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