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Sinfonia Rehearsals 2023

All rehearsals are in Room 116 in the Square Edge Creative Arts Centre unless otherwise indicated.

For rehearsal dates and times see the detailed schedules below.


First Schedule: April - May 2023

Directed by: Andrew Atkins

Thursday rehearsals are 7.30pm-9.30pm, Sundays 2pm-4.30pm


2 (Su) 13 (Th) 20 (Th) 23 (Su) 27 (Th)
30 (Su if needed, Andrew not available)

4 (Th) 7 (Su) 11 (Th)

Sinfonia Concert: SATURDAY May 13th, 2.30pm Speirs Centre. 1pm call

[Expect no rehearsal Su 14, & Andrew not available]

18 (Th) 21 (Su) 25 (Th)

Kane Regent Concert: SATURDAY May 27th 3pm, 10am dress



Second Schedule: July - Aug 2023

Directed by: Reuben Brown

Thursday rehearsals are 7.30pm-9.30pm, Sundays 2pm-4.30pm


16 (Su) 20 (Th)  23 (Su) 27 (Th) 30 (Su)


3 (Th) 6 (Su) 10 (Th) 13 (Su) 17 (Th)

CONCERT: Sunday Aug 20th 2.30pm, Speirs Centre

Pre-concert rehearsal: 1pm


Third Schedule: September - October 2023

Directed by: Tim Jones and Isaac Henderson

Friday night rehearsals are 6.30-8.30Sundays are 2pm-4.30

8 Friday MYO If Sinfonia players can come along this first friday to pick up their music and stay for the rehearsal that would be great.
10 Sunday Sinfonia only
15 Friday MYO + Sinfonia
17 Sunday Combined
22 Friday MYO + Sinfonia strings
24 Sunday Sinfonia
29 Friday MYO + Sinfonia strings

1 Sunday all strings
6 Friday MYO + Sinfonia strings
8 Sunday Combined
13 Friday Combined
15 Sunday Combined
20 Friday Combined
[22 Sunday Labour weekend, only use if necessary]
27 Friday Dress rehearsal at Regent 6.30-8.30
 CONCERT: Oct 28th 7.30pm

Pre-concert rehearsal: Brief pre-concert rehearsal/sound check likely late afternoon. Time TBC.


Hearing protection

Manawatu Sinfonia and Youth Orchestra members are entitled to a special discount on custom made earplugs with Heartland Audiology.




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